Farm to hand, trust is our top priority.

We are a family-based farm in Pollok, Texas, bringing safe and effective all-Natural Relief products. T&T Roots produces a potent plant organically that will be shared with natural and other effective ingredients to bring you and your loved one’s true relief with no harsh side effects.

  • Gummies

    Unwind with our Delta-9 Gum Drops. These babies satisfy your want to decompress AND give you all the benefits of CBD. 

  • Topical

    Relieve Achy muscles and soreness with our CBD Salve. This salve is excellent to put on before bed and in the morning when you wake up. 

  • Dog Treats

    Our Fur babies need sufficient dog treats that not only taste good but that keep them healthy.

  • Tinctures

    Get the relief you need with our high-quality CBD oil. CBD tinctures are fast-acting and a great addition to your wellness routine.


CBG is abbreviated for Cannabigerol, which is a newly found canabannoid in the cannabis plant. This is a HUGE find and though it is currently at a pre-clinical stage, research has shown SIGNIFICANT benefits of this cannabanoid. CBG can be used in topical and edible compounds and T&T Roots has already accomplished this with our Relief Salve!

CBD is abbreviated for cannabinol which is the cannabinoid most people are familiar with. CBD has proven great use as an anti-inflammatory healing agent and the best part…it’s all natural with NO harsh side effects!